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JPD Mobile Machine Shop (1987) Inc. distinguishes itself from conventional machining firms by its capacity to carry out machining services directly to the building sites or the installations of its customers.

JPD is renowned for its capacity to resolve complex and sensitive issues and problems and for its rapid response capability. Our expertise is second to none. Our dedicated team is always mindful of health and safety issues, while ensuring work of the finest quality in the respect of our customers’s working environment.

Whatever your needs: machining a surface or parts on fixed equipment in an industrial building, an articulation on a crane, or a driveshaft bearing, our company has been specializing in this type of on-site machining services for nearly 40 years.

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  • Over 40 years of experience and dedication in the field of mobile and on-site (in situ) machining 
  • Proven working methods, processes and equipment 
  • Design and manufacture our own portable and mobile machine tools, using the CAO 3D Solidworks software
  • Machines tools adaptables to customer’s specific requirements  
  • Ongoing development and improvement program for our portable machine tools inventory 
  • Fast and high-quality service (high level of dedication towards our clientele) 


  • Full inventory of highly performing portable machine tools easy to handle in confined or hard to access spaces (lathes, boring machines, milling machines, polishers, grinders)
  • Our fleet of 10 mobile services units covers the Eastern Ontario region, the Province of Québec and all Maritimes provinces
  • Brand new 15,000 square feet, 39 feet high service centre
    • 40 tons lifting capacity;
    • 90,000 square feet secure exterior storage facilities;
    • Conventional machine tools shop;
    • Handling facility for machining, welding and mechanical work
  • Automatic welding machines with a ¾ to 40 inches in diameter welding capacity
  • 3D laser inspection service ensuring compliance with the required tolerance levels


  • Renowned company
  • JPD is a qualified subcontractor, registered member of various integrated subcontractors management systems  (Browz, Cognibox, Pic’s) used by buyers and contractors
  • Diversified clientele : private sector,  governmental and municipal
  • Dedicated and experienced team of multidisciplinary employees
  • Continuously trained employees