On site boring portable boring services


On-site (mobile) boring services

Our mobile boring services are in high demand in the following sectors of activity: Transport (railway and maritime), industrial (steelwork, aluminium and foundry) and by excavation firms operating heavy machinery (cranes, backhoes, shovels, loaders, graders, and tractors). Our machining technical teams are called upon to work on tapered bearings, drive shafts, bearing seats, pivots and center pivots, and mechanical articulations of all categories.

Our experienced service teams regularly work on steering, traction, propulsion/thrusting and lifting systems. These operations require precision fine-boring work on large diameter surfaces. We also provide welding interior diameter bored with automatic welding machine up to 40 inches.

Quarry (2)

On-site boring of supports on a crusher.

Quarry (6)

Boring of a crusher.

Maritime transport (2)

Machining/working at height

Quarry (3)

Boring of bearing seats on a primary crusher.

Cement plant (2)

Boring of a bearing box shaft.

Cement plant (3)

Boring of surfaces.

Lifting equipment

Boring of supports and surfaces during the manufacturing process.

Production equipment (1)

Boring operation in a hard-to-access area.

Production equipment (2)

On-site boring of a bored pins.

Heavy machinery (1)

Boring of a loader frame/chassis.

Heavy machinery (5)

In-shop machining: reconditioning of articulation joints.

Heavy machinery (4)

Machining of the pivot center bearings of a wheel loader.

Mine and quarry (2)

On-site boring of a Nordberg stone-crusher shaft.

Steel industry (3)

Boring of a «hot mill» bearing seat.

Maritime transport (3)

Boring of a crane/working at heights.

Maritime transport (6)

On-site boring of crane boom support frames.

Maritime transport (7)

Boring of the lifting beam on the upper section of a crane.

Maritime transport (5)

Machining of a propeller shaft.


On site machining refurbishment on holes on componants of vannes