Mobile milling on site


On-site and mobile milling services

Our portable triaxial milling machines are capable of carrying out all varieties of manufacturing works. They are equipped with a multi positioning countersinking head that allows reaming and milling operations to any angle, including vertically and horizontally. Designed and developed by our experts, our milling machines are easily modified and adapted to perform all varieties of on-site milling work.

We provide on-site milling services for the following industrial production, manufacturing and transformation sectors: mines, quarries, cement plants, pulp and paper, processed and recycled paper, refineries. We also service building structures that are not easily dismounted or removed. The field of civil engineering also calls upon our services for repair work on hydroelectric dams and road bridges structures.

Our mobile teams are constantly called upon to rectify and reface shear seats and folding machine seats. We also perform keyway milling and on-site machining work on engine stands, pump stands, hydraulic turbines, surface machining for punch presses, rotary presses and crushers. When manufacturing work steel structure, mill work can be carried out at the building site or in our factory.

Steel mill

Milling of production equipment seats.

Steel mill (3)

Milling of a speed reducing gear seat.

Steel mill (4)

Milling of press pillars.

Steel mill (5)

On-site milling of industrial equipment support frames.

Quarry (5)

On-site milling/working at heights.

Power station

Milling of a tank: cold-milling of an opening.

Hydroelectric station (2)

Milling of door roller tracks.

Hydroelectric power station (3)

Milling of roller tracks/working at heights.

Production equipment (3)

Milling of the interior surface of a machine frame/chassis.

Production equipment (6)

Milling of bearing surfaces at the manufacturing stage.


Milling of an engine support base.

Heavy machinery (2)

Milling of the surface of an excavator shovel.

Bridge (1)

Milling of bearing surfaces/working at heights.

Maritime transport (4)

Mobilizing our mobile service units for at-heights milling. operations.

Urban transit

Milling of anchor spans on subway tracks units.